An Extra Thanksgiving

No one could’ve imagined the day the entire world shared the same crisis. With so much variety and custom celebrations around the world it’s easy to lose track of who celebrates what and where? In Canada Thanksgiving is celebrated in October, in Malaysia it’s called Kadazan and Erntendankfest in Germany. Different days different inspirations and histories and no doubt about it different menus.  But this year 2020 we are not just sitting down with family to celebrate an historic gathering, we are all experiencing history together as humanity. Some of us surviving some of us striving and some of us thriving after being infected. It is not our appetites that will be the motivation for Thanksgiving this year. It will be our appreciation for every new day we can breathe and not worry. The anticipation for leftovers will not be desired as much as the desire for sleepovers and family reunions as we all wait for the world to get back to normal. Some of us can’t travel or gather this year. And in not doing so it increases our safety which insures our health which leads to something to be much thankful for.

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