My Son and I ran into a young man who was playing out in the cold for money. We didn't have much to give but what we did have was encouraging lyrics. This was a Llife music moment! We were both playing for "change."
Y.O.L.O.  You Only Live Once? Well if that's the case, why waste that once??…..(here's a teaching I gave on this very topic.) Enjoy!
What an amazing video! And it's not because I'm drumming, which I love to do, but because of who I get to play with. The guitarist is Brian Heckman. He is the guy who is responsible for helping me record my first project. Hip hop and acoustic, city and country, black and white! There seems to be no color, class, or discrimination when music is involved. This particular jam session took place after not connecting for 4 plus years! And the best part …it was unrehearsed. Also, the young man who suddenly runs past us was a close friend of mine who later that year lost his life. What an amazing video that captures playing with a friend I haven't seen in a while and playing for a friend I would not see anymore!