"Open Heart Surgery"

"Maybe you just don't believe in miracles anymore." 
      These are lyrics to a song we released called, "Miracle." Up until a few weeks ago, social media was a pretty pleasant place to hang out and browse. After some racial and other issues died down, I started actually seeing good news! Sadly though, it didn't last long. And why would it? I mean, that would be possible if this were a perfect world. If you look for bad news, it won't take you long to find it.

      Racism and police brutality seem to be the most popular topics on social media today. Of course, there are plenty of problems our country suffers daily, but we see only what they want us to see. In all sincerity, my heart goes out to all of the victims of these types of divides, and the families that now have to suffer the painful loss of their loved ones. It is unfortunate how the world has become so engulfed in such hate, adversity, malice and the list goes on.

      So, the point I want to get across is this: The next time you see a police brutality video, a racist quote/video/post...whatever the divide happens to be, remember one thing: The issue doesn't lie in the color of skin or the profession of a person; IT IS A HEART ISSUE. IT IS A PERSON ISSUE. Not all police hate blacks. Not all blacks are criminals. And you can fill in the blank for any issue. 

      So, why did I title this blog, "Open Heart Surgery?" I copied the following article from a Google search. Whether or not it is 100% accurate, the principles are similar to the thoughts I want to share with you. Here is the article:

---How is Open Heart Surgery Performed?
  • A person is usually given a general anesthesia to make him or her fall asleep and to make the whole procedure pain-free.


  • This is followed by making an 8- to 10-inch incision through the chest.


  • The surgeon cuts through all the parts in the chest to get to the heart.


  • The patient is then connected to a heart-lung machine once the surgeon gets to the heart.

The machine helps to clear blood from the heart to allow the operation, as stated by the National Institutes of Health's MedlinePlus. A healthy artery or vein is used in creating another path around the clogged artery. 

There are several risks associated with this surgery, including blood clots, breathing difficulty, blood loss, irregular heart pulse, infection in the chest, chest pain, kidney or lung failure, memory loss and heart attack. There is early preparation that is required before a person undergoes this operation. It is necessary for one to tell the doctor about their lifestyle and medications they are using.

      Since we've established that we have a worldwide heart issue, let's be clear it is the spiritual heart I'm talking about. God is the heart surgeon.

      The first step in the actual procedure is for the patient to receive an anesthesia so they can sleep and not feel pain. Spiritually speaking, for God to do heart surgery on a person, He has to put to sleep (death) the old nature of a person. He needs the old you to lay down so He can get to work. As far as the pain, well, it is painless to accept the sacrifice of Jesus laying His life down for you. He already took the pain. 

      Next, an 8-10- inch incision is made through the chest. I liken the 8-10- inch incision to the 9 inch nails that pierced Christ when the Romans nailed Him to the cross. When you let that thought pierce your heart, it will change your life. 

      Next, the surgeon cuts through all parts (layers) in the chest to get to the heart. Wow. Spiritually speaking, it is the same with God. Some of us have calloused hearts and layers and layers of hurt built up around our heart. You have shut out any form of help. Hate, bitterness, unforgiveness or whatever has consumed you blocks God from getting to your heart. He has some work to do but He eventually cuts His way through. 

      The heart-lung machine the patient is then connected to, once the surgeon gets to the heart is like God connecting you to Himself through Jesus. It is only through Jesus' sacrifice on the cross that we can connect to God. Jesus is the "way" to God. Not religious or good works. Not church. Not grandma. Not a pastor. Not even the Holy Bible itself. The heart-lung connection machine, spiritual speaking connects us to God and breathes LIFE into us, like your lungs need air to breathe. You need the life (breath/spirit) of God to make it through the "open heart surgery."

      So, next in the article the risks that are associated with the surgery were listed. I am going to list them side by side with the corresponding risks, spiritually speaking. 

Blood clots the pure blood of Jesus
breathing difficulty peace to breathe easy
blood loss you may be at odds with family 
irregular heart pulse a heart that beats for Jesus
infection in the chest affections for God and people
chest pain a heart that "hurts" for others
kidney or lung failure unfailing love of God
memory loss forgetting your past because you are forgiven
heart attack dying to your selfish desires/lifestyle
      So, there you have it. That pretty much sums up what God can do when a person comes to Him. Of course, life is not instantly perfect. Even with open heart surgery, recovery takes at least up to 6 weeks; 6 months for the full benefits of the surgery to take effect. Likewise, with God it is a process. He begins to change your heart and ultimately, your life. 

      This is what our nation needs.

      This is what our city needs.

      This is what our family members need. 

      So, you see, it's not an issue of race, privilege, ethnicity, gender, rights or opinion. It is simply a heart issue. God is waiting. 
 The last part of the chorus to our song, "Miracle" that I referenced in the beginning says, 'But look around....look around....look around.. you and I are miracles.'

      So, though the world gets worse every day, God is performing open heart surgeries around the clock. Are you one of His patients?